Dear Parents,
Welcome to the European School in Armenia Foundation.

Our educational foundation will soon end its decade. From the very first day of its establishment we have been working to create an education system with the best and the most competitive education program. We have created an environment to suit its students’ and parents’ expectations in accordance with the best European standards based on innovative methods. We improve every year, to ensure that our children not only receive a high level of education, overall development and rules of conduct, but also enjoy their childhood and adolescence years with happiness and joy.
 The European School creates the conditions for our students to fully display their creative abilities, because in today’s competitive environment, we believe that educating a generation with a broad mindset is as important as passing on knowledge.
 Constantly following the best international educational experience, innovations, developments and progress, we, together with our British partners, offer the best and the most competitive educational program.
  It has already been effectively tested and operated in the best international schools, guaranteeing exceptional competitiveness, reinforced by innovative educational approaches and methods. And it is due to the introduction and implementation of such a toolkit that the educational quality of the European school reaches the highest European standards with firm steps.
 Thanks to two educational programs, the Armenian-British, effective combination, our students can continue their studies in any educational institutions word wide, as they will have “brilliant knowledge” and international certification, which will guarantee their knowledge.
Warm Greetings,
Anna Baghdasaryan,
President of the European School in Armenia Foundation