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A brief introduction to Pearson

Who benefits?

Everyone from the world’s learners to teachers and parents. Expertly developed, rigorously tested, and continuously improved, our tools, content, products, and services are enhancing education in so many ways. We constantly innovate, embracing new technologies and anticipating new technologies and anticipating changing lifestyles.

Our learning tools are increasingly mobile, digital, and flexible. Our global insights enable us to develop products and services that help every learner, wherever they are in the world and whatever their background.

How do we achieve it?

We want to improve access and outcome in education for learners around the world. We do this by combining expert content and assessment, powered by our services and technology. We are proud to be a trusted partner to school, colleges, and students.

Content and platforms such as MyLab, Revel, Bug Club, envision MATH, and Success Maker, plus leading author brands such as Campbell, Hubbard, Ciccarelli, and Martin Gay.

Assessments such as GCSEs, A level, BTECs, WISC-V, PTE Academic, and school assessments using TestNav

Services such as Pearson VUE, Pearson institute of Higher Education, Connections, and English Language centers, Wizard and Wall street English.    

What shapes our approach?

Our shared values shape the way we think, work, and behave. By living these values, we bring our brand to life for everyone.

Defining our values

Brave: We believe in doing the right thing and we’re prepared to go further to achieve it. We’re never afraid to take bold, decisive action to help us achieve success.

Imaginative: We’re creative, inventive and future focused, and we always try to look for innovative and constructive ways to make the world a better place.

Decent: We aim to be respectful, fair, and transparent in everything we do. We try to be good listeners, thoughtful colleagues, and inspiring collaborators to work with.

Accountable: We aspire to be honest and trustworthy and to get results by owning the solution, getting the right people involved, and delivering on our promises.

Why do we do it?

In a fast – changing world, education is the key to success. For many people, learning is the route to a job to support their family or the skills to help them make progress in their career. For others, it’s simply a lifelong passion for discovery. For every learner, at every stage of their life, education is the path to opportunity and fulfillment.

Our world-class tools, content, products, and services are designed to help people adapt to our changing world, navigate its challenges and opportunities, and ultimately make progress in their lives. We’re here to keep the whole world learning. Because where learning flourishes, so do people.

Each year we help more than 75 million people embrace their passion and ambition for learning new skills