Mathematics Department

To some, Mathematics is arithmetic and numbers. Others see it as a tool by which we can measure and quantify position and space. The Greeks developed logical reasoning largely in the field of geometry, from which derived the concept of proof. Mathematical models are successful in describing the world around us because Mathematics also gives us the power to generalise. In fact, the laws of Nature have been discovered with and are written in the language of Mathematics.

At European School, we strive for every student to reach their potential in Mathematics. Maths isn’t just about solving equations, performing tricky arithmetic or finding the probability of an event occurring, Maths is a key skill required in the modern world to solve problems. Our curriculum is built such that students are given the tools to become good problem solvers and good mathematicians. We pride ourselves on being able to differentiate our teaching with the able mathematicians stretched and enriched and those that require support given the necessary support that they require.


  • Maths Olympiad
  • World Maths Day